2020 Club Memberships are now available

We are excited to announce that 2020 Club Memberships are now available. We have changed how our memberships work and look forward to introducing new features.

We have rebuilt our memberships from the ground to help reduce costs and administration. You will now create an account with the Club and we will be able to introduce new features and perks as a result. This will include benefits such as automatic discounts at our brand new online store, which is launching in the coming weeks.

The Club now offers four kinds of membership:

What 2020 Club Memberships are available?

Club Memberships are no longer offered in packages. Instead, you will receive an automatic discount of 10% on every purchase when logged in to our website. We will also hold sales and offer big discounts from time to time when launching new products in our store, which will relaunch in the coming weeks.

How do I pay for my 2020 Club Membership?

Paying for your Club Membership is much easier! For 2020 you have two options:

  • Pay in full at the time of purchase; or
  • In monthly instalments on the 15th of each month

The Club is also introducing automatic rollover for our Club Memberships. This means that you can simplify your Club Membership by renewing each year automatically. You will receive an email at the end of the season to either let your Club Membership renew automatically, or you can cancel/change memberships if you wish. You can also log in at any time to view your MyRUMBA account and change your details. All information we hold is in accordance of our privacy policy.

The Club also offers a 20% concession discount to Adult Club Memberships. To be eligible, you must present a valid concession card to the Club. You can select the concession discount at the checkout.

What does my 2020 Club Membership include?

All 2020 Club Memberships include:

  • Club fees to support our pioneering programs
  • 2020 Members scarf, beanie, lanyard and bumper sticker (junior players only receive a beanie)
  • The ability to watch replays of broadcast games at rfnc.com.au
  • 10% off store purchases

2020 Club Memberships for players additionally include:

  • Entry to all home games

2020 Club Memberships for players do not include:

  • AFL or NV player registration fee
  • Ambulance Cover

How do I register as a player?

For more information on registering as a player in 2020, please read our article below, or purchase your Club Membership and you will receive an email with the next steps to register as a player for season 2020.

Can I purchase a 2020 Club Membership on behalf of others?

In 2020, you can purchase memberships for family and other people. To purchase Club Memberships on behalf of other people, you must first purchase your own Club Membership. Once your account with us is active, you can purchase as many Club Memberships for other people as you wish with a 10% discount applied at the checkout. If you pay in monthly instalments, a single transaction will be processed.

Do you offer Club Memberships to Elders or Carers?

If you are an Elder or carer, we offer heavily discounted Club memberships. Please contact membership@rfnc.com.au and we will send you more information.

Season 2020 is almost here. We look forward to an exciting season ahead and can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2020.

If you have any queries regarding Club Membership, please contact membership@rfnc.com.au


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