2020 Men’s Football Seniors Co Coaches Announced

RumbalaraFNC is excited to announce Kane Atkinson and Jason Traianidis as our Seniors Men’s Football Co-coaches for the 2020 season.

For the 2020 football season we can see a great future for this young playing group, as it grows and develops experience. We’re confident that, under the stable leadership of our Senior Co Coaches Kane Atkinson and Jason Traianidis, and with the amazing support staff, that this enthusiastic and experienced coaching contingent will help all our teams reach their full potential.

We welcome Jason Traianidis coming on board with Kane for 2020.

“I’m confident 2020 is going to be a special year for Rumba.” Men’s Football Seniors Co Coach, Jason Traianidis said.

“I’m excited to be co coach with Kane and can’t wait to develop and mentor our young players on and of the ground.”

Kane Atkinson returns to coaching the Men’s football Seniors team for another season.

“I’m excited to be going around again as senior coach along with Jason.” Kane said.

“I thought we underachieved the past season but Jason and I have a lot of belief in the group that we can bounce back in 2020.”

“Recruiting is going well at this stage we are looking to add a few more guys to help strengthen our list but more importantly we want good people at our club.” 

There’s no time to rest as pre season starts November 25th!


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