Christmas is a time to get together

How to navigate a busy time spent with others.

Christmas time can be a very joyful and busy time for people, there can be occasions when we are around many others who are friends and/or family.

At times, this can also be a challenging time of the year for people. Being around others can present obstacles and put us in difficult situations, we may be asked and/or told to do things we may not be keen on. We may be asked private questions which we may not want to reveal to others, this can cause people stress and anxiety around the holiday period.

When we need to communicate with others, it is very important for us to be aware of ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION and HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. These 2 facets of communication can set the tone for our interactions and coping with difficult conversations.

ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION is when a person communicates with others in a positive manner, the person stands up for their needs and wants, while also respecting the needs and wants of the other person. Passive communication is being submissive and giving into others needs and wants, over your own, talking about things you don’t want to talk about. Aggressive communication is being rude and only focusing on your needs and wants, not listening to others and taking over conversations. ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION is a balance between the 2 communication styles, when you are respectful of yourself and others in conversation.

HEALTHY BOUNDARIES is when we feel comfortable with the relationships around us, this includes the rules and limits we set for ourselves and what we feel comfortable with from others. Soft boundaries is when we find it hard to say “no”, we let others take control of us, we accept what others want/expect/tell us to do. Rigid boundaries is when we are unable to compromise with others, we only want things our way, we order others about and not respect who they are as individuals. HEALTHY BOUNDARIES is a balance between the 2 styles and doing what we feel comfortable with. The different types of boundaries we should consider when dealing with others are, our; physical boundaries, intellectual boundaries, emotional boundaries, sexual boundaries, material boundaries, and time boundaries.

Have a think about your boundaries and communication style this holiday season, what has been challenging in previous holiday seasons, what do you want to do different this year.

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