NAIDOC week reflections

Self-reflection is our strongest tool.

As it is NAIDOC week and we celebration the First Nations people, it is also important to celebrate who you are as a person.

The 2020 NAIDOC week theme is Always Was, Always Will Be. This is an amazing time to reflect on your person journey and where you would like to take things moving forward.

Self-reflection is an amazing tool for our own personal wellbeing, it gives us the strength to learn from our ups and downs, it helps us to better understand who we are, and the amazing things we have to offer the world. Self-reflection helps you to understand the true power we possess inside every day.

Take some time out today to think and/or write about your past, present and future.

Your Past:

Think / Write about where you have come from, consider the challenges you have overcome, what personal strengths have got you here, what surprised you about who you were.

Your Present:

Think / Write about where you are now, consider how you are different today, what are your personal strengths today, what current challenges are you facing, what surprises you about who you are now.

Your Future:

Think / Write about where you would like to be in the future, what would the ideal you look like and how would your life be different, what personal strengths have to continued to develop, what are 3 personal goals you have achieved over time, what can you do from tomorrow to make this reality happen.

Feel free to comment.

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