Physical Activity Challenge

Challenge the person in the mirror.

For true health and wellbeing we need to consider how we feel inside and outside, this is where our mental and physical health come together to promote a healthy sense of self.

As part of Wellbeing Wednesday this week, we want people to get outside and push your physical limits.

Feel free to post photos and/or videos from the challenges onto social media by using #yakamarumba.

If you are not into sharing, you can write down your results somewhere just for you to see (after some time, you can return to the challenge to improve on your result).

December challenge:

It can be very beneficial to challenge our biggest critic regularly (yourself). When we prove to ourselves that we can do something our mind said we couldn’t, this can be very empowering.

I want everyone to set yourself a challenge for the month of December, this can be anything from:

  • Walking 1-5km, 1-7 times a week.
  • 20-50 push-ups/sit-ups etc, everyday or few times per week.
  • Plank/Gratitude/No Sugar/Mindfulness challenge.

You be the boss, what have you been wanting to do but keep putting off, this is your chance to end 2020 off with a BANG.

Good Luck, and please share with others as this will keep you accountable to push on.

If you would like further information on Wellbeing support, you can visit: www.wellmob.org.au

Or you can contact Kevin Singh on 0401-879-822.

Proud. Strong. Family.

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