Physical Activity Challenge

Something to try at home.

For true health and wellbeing we need to consider how we feel inside and outside, this is where our mental and physical health come together to promote a healthy sense of self.

As part of Wellbeing Wednesday, we will look to introduce fortnightly challenges for everyone to try at home and at your own pace, these will be simple challenges to set yourself.

You can post the results on social media to share, feel free to use #yakamarumba for sharing of videos and pictures.

If you are not into sharing, you can write down your results somewhere just for you to see (after some time, you can return to the challenge to improve on your result).

Challenge one:

(use variations if needed)

  • 10 sit-ups/crunches
  • 10 air squats/sit & stand on chair
  • 10 push-ups/knee push-ups
  • 30sec plank/knee plank


Those who want more of a challenge, try 2 sets with a 30sec break between.

Good Luck

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