Club Assisted AFLV Player Registration

All AFL players must register themselves via FootyWeb. However, we are offering assistance to help register football players for a $15 admin fee.


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$78 AFL Victoria Adult player registration fee and a $15 Club administration fee.

$58 AFL Victoria Junior player registration fee and a $15 Club administration fee.

Registering to play can be confusing and time consuming, that is why the Club has previously assisted AFL players register to play. For season 2020, the Club will continue to offer this service with the addition of a $15 administration fee*. This will allow the Club to assign someone to correct any outstanding issues with your AFL player registration.

FootyWeb is the AFL’s official player database and payment platform that records all player registrations across the country, trades, player points and more. Every player in the country goes through the same process. Registrations is connected to the leagues we compete in which means Men’s and Women’s AFL players register using different parts of FootyWeb.

If you have any questions regarding player registration, please email

*Administration fee will be waived on a case by case basis.


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