2020 Player Registration

In 2020, we have removed AFL player registration from Club Memberships. This means players pay the same price, regardless of which sport is played.

With the introduction of our brand new 2020 Club Memberships, we have changed how some of you register to play. For all players, our Club Memberships do not include:

  • AFLV or VNA player registration fee
  • Ambulance Cover

Simplifying Player Registration for 2020

AFL players are required to register with AFL Victoria directly via FootyWeb. All AFL players can self manage their MFL/NCWL player registration the same way netball players have for the past few years. Previously, the Club registered some AFL players on their behalf. For 2020, if you do not wish to self manage your AFLV registration, the Club will register you for a $15 admin fee* on top of your AFLV registration fee of $78 ($58 for juniors). This is so the Club can allocate the additional resources required in the lead up to the 2020 season commencing.

AFL Women’s players use the same FootyWeb system to register with AFLV, but the registration happens under the NCWL.

Netball players for the past few years have self registered with Netball Victoria. There are no changes for registering as a netball player in 2020.

To self manage your player registration and pay your player registration fee, you will need the email address that you registered with. You can log in to the respective registration portal below:

If previously registered players are experiencing issues accessing their AFL player registration on FootyWeb or if netballers have any questions regarding VNA registration, contact registration@rfnc.com.au and we will help solve any issues.

If you are joining the Rumba family as a football player for the first time, it is recommended that you self manage your own player registration on FootyWeb and select new member on the signup page. If registering is too daunting of a task, you can purchase the Club assisted player registration for $93, which is your $78 registration fee and a $15 admin fee*. Junior players the total cost is $73, as the registration fee is $58.

Purchase an Ambulance Victoria Membership

It is highly recommended that all players purchase an Ambulance Victoria membership. This greatly reduces the cost in the event of illness or injury. Ambulance Victoria memberships start from $48 per year and offer family discounts. Holding a current Ambulance Victoria membership can save you in excess of $1,200 in transport costs. To purchase your Ambulance Victoria membership, visit their website below:

Complete the Player Medical Form before March 30

When you purchase your 2020 Club membership, you will receive an email providing the above information and how to complete our medical form that is to be submitted before the season commences. This will assist the Club and officials in the event of illness or injury. The medical form will be emailed to you upon purchasing your Club Membership, or you can complete the player medical form here:

We understand that we have changed a lot for season 2020 and we thank you for your patience while we all transition to an improved system. The benefit is that the Club has made significant progress in streamlining our operations and can introduce exciting new features and perks into the future.

Any queries regarding memberships, please contact membership@rfnc.com.au

Any queries regarding player registration, please contact registration@rfnc.com.au

*$15 admin fee may be waived in certain circumstances

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