Setting the tone for 2021

Goal setting for the new year.

What a year we have all been through, I am sure no one is going to forget the year 2020 any time soon. Although it has been a difficult year for everyone in many different ways, we can still choose to look over the year in a meaningful perspective. It is in times of difficulty and challenge that we do our most growing in who we are.

As we now move into 2021, it is a great time to reflect on what our goals will be for the new year. What have we learnt from this year that we want to implement/complete next year, what do we want to do to better our lives and who we are in 2021.

Goal setting is best completed when we set ourselves a number of smaller goals which will add up in the end, looking at different aspects of our lives will in turn add up to positive life changes in the long term. When reflecting on goals, don’t set things too big, make your goals achievable and able to be completed in a timely manner. Think about multiple small goals which you know you can complete in 2021, there is always the year after to keep working on, and building upon your plans.

I want everyone to think about these 7 facets to life; Think about what you are doing well in each? Think about what you need to improve on in each? And what goal do you want to set yourself for each in 2021.

Family   –   Friends   –   Work/School   –   Physical Health   –   Social Wellbeing   –   Community Connection   –   Spirituality/Culture

What will your reward be when you achieve each goal for 2021? This will help you to stay focused and keep you motivated, we all need something special at the end of our hard work.

Feel free to share/comment on your goals and rewards for next year. Have a safe New Year and I feel very blessed to have shared this with everyone, thank you all.

If you would like further information on Wellbeing support, you can visit: www.wellmob.org.au

Or you can contact Kevin Singh on 0401-879-822.

Proud. Strong. Family.

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