Sleeping the night away

A good night sleep is very important for our health and wellbeing, but how do we make it a priority?

Have you ever noticed how a bad night can make us cranky and impact your decision making throughout the day. Many studies have found good sleeping habits to be a primary source of good health and wellbeing. A good night sleep will make our brains sharper, boost our mood, improve our heart, make us more athletic, reduce the risk of other heath conditions, and help us to lose weight, just to name a few. When we sleep, our body uses this time to repair, grow and fine tune how we function.

When we don’t sleep well, this can put us at higher risk of poorer health and wellbeing. Sleep can be impacted by a large number of things, but mostly stress can keep us up at night.

For a good night sleep, here are some simple tips we can control to help us;

  1. Have a schedule – set up a regular time to go to sleep, our body will get use to this and assist us to sleep better.
  2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine – these items can stimulate us and make it difficult for us to go to bed.
  3. Avoid napping – napping during the day will disrupt our internal body clock and make it difficult to get a good night sleep.
  4. Have a comfortable environment – it’s best to keep our room as stimulus free as possible, the more we have in our rooms, this can cause further stress, making it harder to get to bed and stay asleep.
  5. Avoid screens prior to bed – have at least an hour of no screen time prior to bed, screens make our body think it’s still daytime, causing poor sleep and trouble getting to bed.
  6. Healthy eating – natural foods aid body function, however sugary foods will keep us stimulated and cause poor sleep (no big meals at least 2 hours prior to bed, this will make it difficult to go to bed)
  7. Regular exercise – training aids body function, but exercising during the day is also known to assist with better sleep throughout the night.

Stay strong. Stay safe.


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