Something doesn’t feel right

What is stress?

Stress is the term given to how our body reacts to pressures and demands from everyday life. Stress can come from an actual (happening right now) or perceived (thinking about) circumstances.

Stressful circumstances can range from financial issues, relationship issues, work issues, home issues, substance use issues and the list goes on.

A little bit of stress can be positive and help us focus, however too much stress can be very unhealthy and cause physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

A good way to understand how stressed we may be feeling is to be aware of how stress affects us personally.

Common signs of stress include;

  • Physical: fatigue (tiredness), poor sleep, belly craps, chest pain or tightening, muscle tightness/tension, headaches, nausea, unable to sit still, getting sick easily.
  • Emotion: poor motivation, easily angry at others (snappy), anxiety (constantly nervous), low mood (sad), poor concentration, poor libido.
  • Behavioural: Poor appetite, using drugs and alcohol, isolating from others, avoiding commitments, pacing.

A good starting point when we are feel stressed is to practice mindfulness (previous topic of Wellbeing Wednesday). This will assist you to focus in the moment to deal with what is stressful.

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