The Way I Think – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why we are so hard on ourselves, and why we tend to over-think and over-criticise what we do.

This phenomena is called ‘Cognitive Distortions’, and we all have this way of thinking, we are always much harder on ourselves due to these automatic thoughts. I have listed the most common forms of cognitive distortions below, think about which ones you can relate to and how this cognitive distortion has impacted you.

  1. Catastrophising – Seeing only the worst possible outcomes to situations.
  2. Overgeneralisation – Making broad interpretations from small or single events.
  3. Jumping to Conclusions – Interpreting the meaning of things with little to no evidence at all.
  4. Mind-Reading – Interpreting the thoughts, belief and actions of other with little to no evidence at all.
  5. Fortune Telling – The expectations that things will turn out to be a certain way with little to no evidence at all.
  6. All or Nothing – Only thinking about things in absolutes like; always, never & every.
  7. Should Thinking – The belief that things should be a certain way only, with little to no evidence.
  8. Non-positive Thinking – Recognising only the negative aspects of things, and not including the positives which have occurred.

Cognitive Distortions all fall into the category of negative human thinking, unfortunately, this can be a normal way of thinking for a lot of people. The good news is, we can all take back control of our thoughts. How do you think we can do this? Feel free to comment below.

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