The Way I Think – Part 3

Bring our thoughts and feelings together to take back control.

Now that we know how our mind can work against us in ‘Cognitive Distortions’, and how this pattern of negative thinking can trigger unhelpful emotions/feelings. We can learn how to put this together and take back control of our lives.

Firstly, we need to know what is the negative thought behind the unhelpful emotion you are feeling; a common example can be ‘Public Speaking’:

Automatic Thoughts: You will be crap at talking, No one will listen, You don’t know what you are talking about

Emotion: Anxious / Panic / Fear

Outcome: You forget what to say and stubble over your words, You avoid all public speaking moving forward.

Your conscience self can always take back control and challenge the negative thought to turn it into a positive, same example with conscience positive thoughts:

Positive Thoughts: You have practiced the talk, They want to hear from you, You know what you are talking about, You have done this before

Emotion: Less anxious / Excited / Happier

Outcome: You are able to complete the talk, you may have stubbled but was okay with it, You got positive feedback and may want to practice more public speaking.

It may be difficult to challenge our negative thoughts in the beginning, but the more you practice taking back control, the easier it will become. Everything comes with practice and consistency, it is normal to fail at the start, this is where we do our most growing. What other examples do you have? How can you use this practice today?

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