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A new Indigenous-led sporting and education precinct for Shepparton

The Munarra Centre for Regional Excellence will build on the strength of the local community to help create future opportunities for the Aboriginal population of the Goulburn Valley.

It will achieve national significance across the cultural, sporting and economic landscape as a learning centre which is Aboriginal-led and has Aboriginal knowledge embedded throughout its design and programs.

Based adjacent to the existing Rumbalara Football & Netball Club (RFNC) facilities, within the Shepparton sporting precinct, the project will include:


Munarra is Aboriginal-led, inspirational and pioneering. It builds on the courage and work of our Elders to create a shared future in which Aboriginal people prosper, by making learning, Aboriginal knowledge and the celebration of culture central to everything it does.


Munarra will create economic opportunities and career pathways for Aboriginal people through sports, health education and research and the celebration of learning, community and culture.

Guiding Principles


A unique landscape and interior courtyard provides welcoming spaces for students, Elders and the broader community to gather.

A state-of-the-art education building will support students achieve vocational and tertiary qualifications, building leaders of tomorrow, and developing our young people with the skills to support the region, and the nation.

A bridge links the Rumbalara Football Netball Club with the new campus, where visitors trace the Nanyak on a walkway through Indigenous plantings.

Yorta Yorta culture

We're building a world-class education, sporting and gathering space that celebrates our nation and its oldest living culture. Cultural identity will be woven throughout all it offers.

Community infomred

Community consultation informed the building design and local artists commissioned to develop art and design elements for incorporation into the building and landscape.

Master planned

The first stage of construction brings the education campus to life. Future stages of development include upgrades to the Rumbalara Football Netball Club, the development of a Regional Centre of Sporting Excellence, accommodation, health and wellbeing services and early childhood education.

pathways & tertiary EDUCATION

Munarra has an interdisciplinary pedagogical focus on sports science, engineering, allied health services, renewables, trades, early childhood, community services, nursing, agriculture, cybersecurity, cultural identity and entrepreneurship.

It has been established as a ‘business of aspiration and optimism’, with an ‘invincible spirit’ as its guiding principle, partnering with complementary organisations, service, programs and social enterprises.

Community Consultation

Extensive consultation with community, students, business and the Goulburn Murray region. 

2019 - 2021

Master planning

Architectural and landscape design, education and operational planning, incorporating feedback from consultations.


Construction commences

Work gets underway to build the Munarra Centre of Regional Excellence.


Munarra opening

Current planning anticipates construction completing in early 2024.


Stage 2 construction

Anticipated start for construction of future development.

MID 2024

How we operate

The Munarra Centre will be delivered by a consortium of partners, led by Munarra Limited, a not-for-profit incorporation, overseen by an Aboriginal-led board of directors.

Munarra Limited will manage the day-to-day operations of the Centre.

Partners such as the RFNC, Kaiela Institute and University of Melbourne will all host activities on campus. Opportunities to extend this list of partners are currently being explored to add further value to program delivery.

Munarra Limited board

Munarra Limited is an Australian Public Company and registered Charity endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). It is governed by an Aboriginal-led Board of Directors.

Board members

  • Travis Morgan, Chairperson
  • Paul Briggs OAM, Deputy Chair
  • Jan Muir, Board Member
  • Prof. Barry Judd, Board Member
  • Milton Nomikoudis, Board Member
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