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Join the family in 2022 with a Club membership

Become a 2022 member for an exciting season of football, netball and so much more. Your support will allow the continuation of the Club’s concerted efforts to changing the imbalance and accelerate change with our pioneering programs.

Show your Rumba colours with an exclusive members scarf and beanie, plus 10% off any purchase at our brand new store. 

Our memberships have changed to annual subscriptions with the option of monthly payments and are easier to purchase. All members with memberships on automatic rollover will have the opportunity to opt out at the end of each season by logging in to your MyRumba account.

Payment can be made up front or in monthly installments.

We hope you join the Rumba family this season. Everyone is welcome.

Social (Non-player)

Annual Membership
$ 150
  • Entry to all 9 home games (excluding finals)
  • Members Scarf, Beanie & Bumper Sticker
  • 10% off store purchases

In Spirit

Annual Membership
$ 100
  • Members Scarf, Beanie & Bumper Sticker
  • 10% off store purchases

Adult Player

Annual Membership
$ 220
  • Entry to all 9 home games (excluding finals)
  • Club Fees
  • Members Scarf, Beanie, Lanyard & Bumper Sticker
  • 10% off store purchases

Junior Player

Annual Membership
$ 77
  • Entry to all 9 home games (excluding finals)
  • Club Fees
  • Members Beanie
  • 10% off store purchases

2022 Member Benefits

Memberships at Rumbalara FNC have changed for the 2022 season. You still get all the great benefits you always have, plus some exciting new additions.

Exclusive Members Scarf and Beanie

You will receive an exclusive Rumbalara FNC Member Scarf and Beanie to keep you warm over the season and celebrate with after every goal. You will also receive a bumper sticker, lanyard and keychain card to show your Rumba colours everywhere you travel.

10% discount on all purchases

Our online store is open for business, where you can purchase Club merchandise and more at As a valued member, you receive 10% off all purchases, with an exclusive offer of a one-off 30% discount when you sign up.

Player Registration

For the 2021 season, all players must register themselves with AFL Victoria and/or Netball Victoria. This process can be completed online and we have provided easy to follow instructions for both sports.



Follow the link for step-by-step instructions to register to play AFL.


Follow the link for step-by-step instructions to register to play Netball.


Why have memberships changed?

The Club has simplified memberships so that they are easier to understand what benefits you receive. These changes also mean the Club can now offer the same membership to everyone, which reduces the resources needed to administer memberships.

Never lift a finger again when it comes to membership, jump on to the automatic rollover and have your membership automatically renew for each new season. You can opt out of your membership at the end of each season by logging into your MyRumba account.

With our new automatic rollover memberships you have the option to pay your membership in full at the time of purchase, or split the total payment into monthly payments.

What happened to the packages?

Our membership packages were difficult to manage and confusing to purchase. The Club now has a store where you can purchase at any time with a 10% discount. This provides an easier way for you to get all the Club merchandise and gear you are after without having to buy in a package.

As a member you will recieve 30% off pre-orders when we have new products coming in.

We will hold regular sale events and stocktake sales where you can get an even better deal. 

Why do I have to register myself as an AFL player?

Netball players have had to register themselves with Netball Victoria for a number of years and so have AFL players. The difference is the Club could register AFL players on their behalf.

Responsibility of this task is now for AFL players to self-manage their player registration. The Club will provide easy to understand instructions for player registration and provide access to computers.

If you require further assistance, the Club will help for an additional $15 on top of your player registration fee. For Club assisted football player registrations, click here.

When will I receive my membership benefits?

You can request for the items to be shipped to your home or pick up at the Club.

Concession Eligibility

Any person who holds a valid student or pensioners card is eligible for concession pricing.

Junior Eligibility

Any child below the age of 17 as at January 1 2022 is eligible for junior pricing.

What is a family membership?

Family memberships are managed by a single billing account. You can purchase as many memberships for your family and receive a 10% discount, once you have signed up for your personal membership.

Player memberships will receive their medical forms by email to fill out before the season kicks off.

Juniors must be under the age of 17 as of January 1, 2021

What do I do if my membership card is lost or stolen?

If you have lost or had your membership card stolen please contact our friendly membership team to organise a replacement card please call the Club on (03) 5822 4364 or email

Are memberships discounted if purchased after the season starts?

Memberships will not be discounted when the season starts.


How do I change my personal details?

Members are able to update their details through their MyRumba account.

If you require assistance at any time, you can contact the Club between business hours on (03) 5822 4364 or email


Member Login

Login to your MyRUMBA account here and view your membership details and profile.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member

We offer Elder and their carers heavily discounted memberships. These require extra steps and we request that you contact the Club to discuss an Elder membership. Please complete the form below and we will reply shortly.

How to register as an AFL player

All AFL players must register via FootyWeb. The Club has previously assisted with player registrations and will continue to do so for a $15 fee on top of your  AFLV player registration fee. Select an option below:

How to register as a Netball player

All netball players must register via Netball Victoria.

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