Rumbalara FNC Partner - Kaiela Institute

The Kaiela Institute has been established to provide a place and a process to encourage and support our leaders and institutions to collaborate and take a more strategic approach to building the future of our community. It gives us the chance to move from the necessities of crises intervention to the potential of a real design of future.

It is a response by Aboriginal people across the Goulburn Valley indicating, like the statistics do, that our sustainable future is under threat. Mental health is the overriding issue when you live in a pressure cooker of cultural oppression and generational patterns of abuse.

Their approach is to create an environment that will promote collaborative visioning and aspiration for a positive future for our community.

The Kaiela Institute works in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations across four key areas, namely Aspiration, Enablement, Responsibility and Opportunity. Delivering in education, employment, health, social inclusion, cultural expression and cultural affirmation.

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